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Sustainability at Wellesley Schools

WellesleybestThis year the Whitsons team at Wellesley, partnered with Bates Elementary School, Green Schools Wellesley and the EPA to enter into the EPA food recovery challenge.


The collective efforts created a recycle station that students can use to drain liquids from containers and then recycle them, stacking stations for sorting and stacking recyclable trays, bowls, plastic bottles and milk cartons and any usable leftovers for "share stations".


These recycle stations are now operational at 3 of the 7 elementary schools in Wellesley School District.  Both the EPA and the state of Massachusetts awarded Bates Elementary School for these efforts in an official citation.  Food Service Director, Matt Delaney was awarded the Community Hero award from Project Green Schools for the recycling, food recovery, and for district wide waste reduction efforts in Wellesley. “I am happy to be a part of the effort here at Wellesley. I have been focused on helping to implement green solutions for the school district because it is important to me personally and for our environment,” said Matt Delaney, Food Service Director for Wellesley School District.

Additionally, the team has sourced and are currently testing a re-usable container from in order to replace their Bagel Fun Lunch bowls (32oz clear plastic) and Salad containers (24oz plastic). These containers are reusable and made from 50% recycled material.  They can be used over 300 times, they are washable, hold hot or chilled food, and fit school meals perfectly. Great work team Wellesley! 


Pictured from Left to Right: Team members from Wellesley School District, Brian Alleyne, Matt Delaney, Chris Faison and Danny Vieira. 

See article from Sustainable Wellesley here.